Friday, November 30, 2001


My Site won the Award for
Best Personal Site.

Site Award

Designer award

30th. Nov. 2001,

Sharkman Wins Personal Category
The DataStream Malta Web Awards 2001

Sharkman's World

Friday November 30, @ 05:37PM

Sharkmans-World. Definitely the most extensive personal site out there. Well done goes out to Sharkman who won the Personal Category tonight at the MaltaWeb Awards.

Keep it up Alex!


5 th. Dec. 2001,


The DataStream Malta Web Awards 2001

Top Story - 05/12/01

The DataStream Web Awards 2001 was organised by DataStream, a member of the Maltacom Group and sponsored by Maltacom, KPMG and Alcatel.

The winners of the DataStream Web Awards 2001 were announced on Friday 30th November 2001 at a ceremony held at Hilton Malta. This high profile event was televised on PBS the following day, hosted by Stephanie Spiteri together with the participation of Martin Sapiano and live entertainment.

Each winner was presented with an original sculpture designed by renowned local artist, Sina Farrugia. Web sites were judged on the following criteria: Content, Structure, Navigation and Ease-of-Use, Visual Design, Functionality and Use of Technology, Interactivity, Broadband Suitability and the Overall Browsing Experience.

WINNER Sharkman's World - www.sharkmans-world.com/
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Winner's comments:
About Friday night and the Awards..... I still am trying to wake up from what looks like a dream.

My Award for Best Personal Homepage was the last one of the 13, and by that time I was very much on edge. I think I have never felt more nervous in my life, not even when shark diving!! I was much more relaxed when face to face with a Great White Shark.

Although there are a few points that need to be improved, it was the first time and I give the organisers my congratulations for a job very well done. From here, I know that they can only get better.

My website takes a lot of my free time and sometimes I am up till 5 a.m. researching info, updating, or answering the hundreds of e-mails I get daily. I do not mind at all and I love it. At least I know, that I am doing a little something to help change the mistaken view that people have of sharks. This is my mission in life.



I would like to thank the Organizers for this award.

Also I would like to thank all the Shark Scientists, Researchers, Photographers, Authors, Divers, etc. all over the world because without their help and knowledge, I would not be here doing these pages.

My Thanks also go out to all my family and friends for their support.

Last but not least.... to you for visiting this Website.


Skeleton Reef Award
Venus Hot Site Award
Topsites award
Design Awards
Canadian Graphics Gold Award
Killgore's Award
Special Site Award
Golden Harp Award
Golden Globe Award
Best of the Web
Safe Surf Award
Golden Wed Award


Shark Cove Award
Ewa Navaland
Dream Packers Choice Award
shark police
Endangered Species
Shark Friends Award
Shark lady
Out of this World
Dragon Master
Ocean Award
Golden Egg Award
Golde Globe 2000
Planet Award
Ladyshae's award
Fala Bicho Award
Awesome Shark Site Award
Catsharks Award
tiburones award


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