Gozo & Comino Shark!!

Do Not Believe Everything You See!!


The following 3 photos have suddenly appeared on the Internet.
They show a "Great White Shark" swimming close to two locations in Gozo and Comino.

P1: Shark near Billinghurst cave, Gozo
P1: Shark near Billinghurst cave, Gozo
P2: Shark near Billinghurst cave, Gozo
P2: Shark near Billinghurst cave, Gozo
P3: Shark near Sta.Maria, Comino
P3: Shark near Sta.Maria, Comino


As soon as I saw the photos, I knew that they were fakes.
The following points prove it:

1) The Gozo photos are taken from land and the Comino one is at sea.
2) How can someone be so lucky as to see the same shark in two different locations at two different Islands?
3) The Shark in Gozo 2 & Comino look very similar!!

So with the help of some other shark researchers, we did some digital photographic analysis and here are the results.

Meaning that the two sharks are exactly the same one and both have been embedded in the photos.


The two shark fins show signs that they have been drawn in. Note the black outline on both pictures.

With regards to the first Gozo photo, here are the facts:

Meaning that the shark is actually above the water surface and not below!!

and also:

Looking at both Gozo photos, the Camera did not move a single millimetre,
which proves that the two photos are the same. The lighting difference is something
that is easily altered with any PC photo utility.


Here are the ORIGINAL photos that were used!!

Photo by


Photo by




Whoever created these photos made a bad job of it and if he thinks that he is going to scare people or tourists away, he needs to have his head tested. He should also be taken to court for breaking the Copyright laws by stealing the photos from http://www.onlyinmalta.com/


My special thanks to the following Shark Research "Investigation Team".

Ian Fergusson
Jérôme Ollier
Geert Droppers

23 June 2005

Shark 'images' no more than a photomontage

Shark 'images' no more than a photomontage
by Natalino Fenech

The Times 23rd. June 2005

Electronic images of sharks, supposedly photographed at Dwejra and Comino, doing the rounds via e-mail have been labelled as no more than a photomontage.

Alex Buttigieg, who runs Sharkman's work organisation, said the photos were obvious fakes. "Sharks do not come so close to land and you can easily tell that they are just a photomontage. But we went a step further and sent them to a digital lab abroad and they pinpointed 101 details to show these are fakes and that people should not worry about such photos," he said when contacted.

Mr Buttigieg has been diving for the past 25 years and has been diving daily for the past 15 years. Yet, he said he never saw a shark in Maltese waters. "I know a few divers who have seen one in their lifetime. But they are few and far between," he added.

With the advent of summer, sightings of "big fish" are frequently reported but most of these would be either dolphins or tuna.

Conservation biologist Adriana Vella said members of the foundation carry out surveys on a daily basis "but we have yet to see a healthy presence of sharks in Maltese waters".

The great white shark, basking shark and devil ray are three species of sharks that are protected locally.

Earlier this week, the Biological Conservation Research Foundation (Bicref) said many species of sharks and rays were in danger of becoming extinct. Some 33 species of sharks have been recorded in Malta. A considerable number of sharks, usually measuring under a metre, are landed at the fish market. Most are caught on tuna lines.

Earlier this month a shortfin mako shark was caught about 30 miles off Malta.

Sharkman`s Comment:

Please note the following corrections:

1) It's Sharkman's WORLD not WORK!!

2) "Sharks do not come so close to land ..."
should have read
"Here in Malta, sharks do not come so close to land..."


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