Land Sharks!!

Sharks come in all shapes and sizes.
They also appear when least expected and not only Underwater
but also on LAND!!

Here are a few Sharks that you may be very lucky to encounter.

Sharks on Wheels:

Shark Bus
How about a Shark Ride with a Difference?
This is a cool Advert for National Geographic.


Shark Truck
Humm... Ever heard of a Bull Shark on Wheels?

Meet Beauty & The Lovely Beast!!

Shower Sign

John Parker.. The creator of Shark Shower.
Sorry there is only space for one inside!!

If you are rowing along Lake Sinclair in Georgia, you might be lucky to see a Beauty coming out of a beast!!

But don't be alarmed. This 15ft. White Shark is in fact a Shower cubicle, and Kelly Hewes Just loves it!!

If you want to stop and test it out, or information how to build one, contact John Parker at


Kelly and the Shark Shower.


Shark Homes:

We have all heard of Breaching Sharks but this is unbelievable!!

In August 1986, This shark landed on a roof at #2, New High Street, Headington in U.K.

Actualy, this 25ft. unique fibreglass sculpture was commissioned by the house owner, Bill Heine, and created by the sculptor John Buckley.

#2, New main street, Headington.


Fish House Restaurant
This Shark is trying to escape from the Fish House Restaurant on Pawley's Island, in Myrtle Beach, SC.


Shark Head at Popeye Village.

Malta also has it's own Land Shark.

This Sculpture can be seen at "Popeye Village" in Anchor Bay, where the movie starring Robin Williams was filmed.


Did anyone say that Lawyers are not Land Sharks?

Well here is a photo to prove it!!

This Law Office is in Folly Beach, Charleston, SC. USA.

Law Office


Discovery Channel Builing
Discovery Channel hangs a 446 foot long inflatable shark atop its Silver Spring, MD building.


If you encounter a Land Shark, send me a picture
and it will be added on here.

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