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My Blog
My Blog


Beqa Adventure Divers
The BEST Shark Dive In The World
Where else can you dive with no less then 6 different Shark Species
on one dive? On a good day, it can be 9!!

Fiji Shark Diving Blog
Da Shark's personal Blog

Shark Diving Unlimited
Michael Rutzen and his Team
introduced me face to face with
The Great White Sharks of Dyer Island.
Definately the BEST Shark Diving Team in South Africa.

Rodney Fox Shark Eperiance

A Legend in his own Life time, Rodney Fox
was my inspiration. Join him in South Australia for a true Shark experiance.

Shark Alliance
The Shark Alliance

SandyHook SeaLife Foundation


Sharklab Malta

Sharklab Adria

The Shark Trust - U.K.

The International Shark Attack File

The Shark Research Program

Swimming Fast - For the SHARKS!

Aidan Martin`s Reef Quest Centre.
In my opinion
The Number One website for
Sharks and Rays.

Neil 4 Sharks

Save The Blue

The South African Collaborative White Shark Research Program

The Whale Shark & Oceanic Research Center

Shark Info

Ralph S. Collier's Shark Research Committee

Elasmo World

John Bruner's Shark Pages

Swedish Elasmobranch Society


Natal Shark Board

The World of Sharks

Greenland Shark and Elasmobranch Education and Research Group

Selachian Subjects

{in Italian}

Shark Acadamy - Italy
{in Italian & English}

Let Lucy Live!!
Dedicated to the protection of Australia's friendliest shark - the Grey Nurse

Shark Foundation



Elasmo Diver

David Pearlman Undersea Imagery

Oceanic Dreams

Shark Diver Magazine

Diving With

Marine Biology Web
Are you interested in Marine Biology?
This is the place for information about what you need to become
involved with Sharks or the Underwater World.

Mote Marine Laboratory


Wildlife On Line

Joe Herber's Luxembourg Elasmobranch Organization

Carl Roessler's Photo Gallery

Doc. Samuel H. Gruber's Shark Page

Shark Friends Home Page

John Meuse's Page

Ben S. Roesch's Shark Page

Sherman's Lagoon

Fiona's Shark Mania

The Great White Chronicles

Drew's Great White Shark Page

Naftali Blau's Great White Shark Expedition

Programa Conservacion de Tiburones

How Sharks Work

Peter Shearer's Sharks Images

Great White Adventures


Asiatic Marine Ltd.

Absolute Adventures - Shark Diver

Megalodon Expeditions


Fish Base

The Cousteau Society

Animal Attack Files

Ray Troll's Art

Sharky 1. Com
My Brother's website

Lill Haugen
Awesome Photographer


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