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The True Nature Of Sharks

Ila France Porcher
The true nature of Sharks

An Epic Adventure That Every Reader Will Experience.


By Alex Sharkman

July 17, 2017

Many are the researchers and scientists that observe and study sharks. Most of them observe sharks in captivity, as in the cases of aquariums, whilst others in the wild from boats or other outposts along the coastline. Very very few researchers observe these creatures from inside their own home..underwater!! Sure, there are a few that go for a dive once in awhile, or those that interact with sharks on their daily shark feeding tours, but no one has spent days on end underwater with these magnificent creatures, observing their daily routine under natural conditions .... except Ila France Porcher.

For many years, starting from 1995, whilst living in Tahiti on the Island of Moorea, Ila France Porcher would solitarily paddle out in her kayak and dive into the lagoon to observe and study the sharks that lived on that reef, and others that occasionally came to visit.

Whilst drawing and photographing each individual, Ila soon realised that these awesome creatures were not the mindless killers the media makes them out to be, but highly intelligent creatures with a unique complex social behaviour. As she recorded their cognitive abilities and got to know them better, the sharks also accepted her into their community.

“The True Nature of Sharks” is the result of Ila's deep and intense relationship with these magnificent creatures. It is a study that no one else has ever accomplished. It is a true epic adventure that every Shark enthusiast, researcher, scientist....etc. will experience by reading this book. I felt like I was with Ila on every dive!


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The Official Trailer for the groundbreaking, award winning feature length Documentary,
"Of Shark and Man."

David Diley is a thirty-two year old man, trapped in a dead end job in England's industrial north and his life is going nowhere. He does however, have a lifelong dream...

Should David follow the advice of everyone around him and forget about it, or should he risk everything and against all the odds, take his one chance to fulfil his greatest ambition, an ambition which finds him in the middle of a feeding frenzy with sixty of the world's most dangerous sharks?

“Of Shark and Man” is a ground breaking film about one man's journey to get closer than anyone thought possible, to the world's biggest Bull Sharks and tell the incredible untold story of Shark Reef in Fiji, one of the greatest marine conservation successes of all time.

“Of Shark and Man” is an epic, incredibly ambitious and cinematic love letter to the world's most feared predator, in which, for once, the shark is the hero.

Monday, June 22, 2015
Left to Right: Rusi, myself and Gary Adkison 

I just received some very sad news from my friends at Beqa Adventure Divers, FijiRusiate "Rusi" Balenagasau passed away in his sleep yesterday. He was 55 years old.

 I met Rusi when I was invited over Beqa Adventure Divers to spend a month at the Shark Reef Marine Reserve during the "2009 International Year Of The Sharks". I immediately "clicked" with this great kind, gentle and lovable man....a true shark lover....  

He was an amazing shark handler and knew each shark by name and watching him handling a shark was like watching a dancing couple. Rusi was also an icon in shark conservation. He was always ready to share his amazing knowledge and was a friend and teacher to all that knew him.

I will never forget the awesome dives and the knowledge that he shared with me. It was an honour to have met the man in the yellow hood. He will surely be missed but his spirit will live on with those that knew him. My prayers and condolences to his family and friends



Farewell Sharklady.

It is with great sadness that I have to share this sad news.
Dr. Eugenie Clark, affectionately known as the "Shark lady" has sadly passed away. She was 92.

Eugenie Clark was one of the very first Shark researchers to inspire my love for these amazing creatures. It was a great privilege for me when she gave me an interview some 20 years ago. You can read it here.

She will be missed by Sharks and Humans alike.


The world mourns Ron Taylor.

I have just heard the sad news. I am still in disbelief. Ron Taylor has sadly passed away after a long fight with Leukaemia. He was 78.

Ron, together with his wife Valerie, beside being world famous Underwater Film makers / photographers was also a pioneer in Shark Conservation. The couple had both started as Champion Spear Fishing divers but soon turned to marine conservation. They became World famous for their work especially with sharks.
Who can forget the amazing images of "Blue Water, White Death."

Those that know me, know that Ron & Valerie have been my life long inspiration. I have never met them personally, but in the past years, we have been in contact via email. Ron was always cheerful, gentle and very helpful. He was also the first person that I had interviewed for my website. (See here)

Ron, thank you for all that you have done for Sharks and for the Marine world. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world and with me.

Valerie, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Farewell Ron, Farewell Dear Friend.


Baby nurse shark birth captured on camera


The Great Fiji Shark Count
Fiji Shark Count

For the first time ever, The Great Fiji Shark Count will be held across Fiji in April 2012, and again in November 2012.

You can help be a part of this.
You can do a single count, or take part as many times as you like during that month, so that you cover different reefs. All data will be gratefully accepted!
So, see your resort, watersports operator or travel agent, get your Shark identification materials and dive into the beautiful blue waters of Fiji, to be a part of history!

Click here for more details.


Beqa Adventure Divers, Fiji – Best in Green Economic Development Award 2012

Beqa Adventure Divers - a dive shop and SCUBA trip operator that specializes in diving around wrecks, reefs, and sharks - is one of Fiji’s premier ecotourism operators. Frustrated with the knowledge that their boats and vehicles were emitting carbon into the atmosphere and thereby contributing to global warming, Beqa Adventure Divers set out on a mission to off-set their carbon emissions through locally-grown mangroves that could provide a livelihood to the local Fijian population.

Beqa Adventure Divers started Mangroves for Fiji, a privately funded project that combines the advantages of planting mangroves, with the advantages of off-setting one’s carbon footprint.

What are mangroves? Mangroves are like rainforests by the sea and are equally threatened. They are vital habitats that not only protect the coasts against tsunamis, hurricanes and sea level change, but also directly benefit the adjacent reefs by being the nursery areas of countless marine organisms from crustaceans to sharks. Mangroves are also largely overlooked excellent carbon sinks that sequester large amounts of carbon, as compared with tropical and temperate forests. Beqa Adventure Divers set out to protect the mangroves, seeing them as nature’s answer to global warming.

Beqa Adventure Divers, through Mangroves for Fiji, encourages other businesses to completely off-set their carbon emissions by sponsoring the planting of mangroves in Fiji. For this project, it is assumed that one hectare of mangroves (or 10,000 mangrove trees) sequesters one metric ton of carbon every year. Participating businesses calculate their carbon emissions and sponsor planting by local stakeholders in Fiji, who will be paid FJD 1,000 ($570 USD) for every hectare of restored mangroves.

Beqa Adventure Divers’ journey to becoming completely carbon neutal and encouraging others to do the same dovetails with other current environmental efforts. Fiji’s Department of Forestry is aiming at planting 1 million trees, so the mangroves link in well with this country-wide undertaking. The Department of Fisheries and Department of Environment consider mangrove habitats essential in their effort to preserve the country’s natural resources. Other NGOs in Fiji have long run ongoing mangrove projects and are pitching in to assist in the project. Partnering with these institutions has allowed Beqa Adventure Divers to grow its knowledge and skills quickly and has assisted them in liaising with local mangrove planters. In line with their belief that in order to achieve sustainable results, they need to cooperate with local stakeholders, they have decided to preferentially engage with Fijian villages and settlements, schools and grassroots initiatives whilst availing themselves of the welcome mediation and assistance by the various government departments.

Money earned by the mangrove planters is already being converted into funds for education, infrastructure, farming equipment, and other local causes as determined by the local Fijian mangrove planting groups. Additionally, Beqa Adventure Divers teaches visiting groups of divers and travelers about carbon off-set and the mangrove project in general.

Beqa Adventure Divers offers its advisory services and its website template for free to any other group wishing to replicate and manage a similar program.

Beqa Adventure Divers also sponsors the training of snorkeling guides from local villages and conducts local trips to Beqa Island to enjoy a day out seeing the sites and supporting the local economy. The company also established the Shark Reef Marine Reserve in 2004 and a youth program dedicated to educating and training unemployed youth to become dive professionals.

Congratulations to Beqa Adventure Divers for winning Best in Green Economic Development.

Sharkman's Comment's

My Congratulations to Mike Nuemann and his team at Beqa Adventure Divers. This is another conservation effort started by Mike, the same person who was responsible for the Shark Reef Marine Reserve and for the setting up of the Shark Research & Awareness Project. If only there were more people like him.


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