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Hey Kids. I am here today to tell you a little about my cousins and my family. Do you know that I have over 450 relatives? Yes that is the number of different Sharks in the world. All of us Sharks have been living in the sea for millions of years, even before the Dinosaurs.

Unfortunately, all Sharks have got the image of being bad, because a few of us were involved in incidents with people, but it is not true that we are killers. A lot of the 450 different kinds of Sharks are totally harmless, including the largest Shark in the World, The Whale Shark. Most of us do not even grow more than 2 meters.

We have a very important part in the keeping the balance of nature. Do you know that it is our duty to keep the seas clean from sick fish and over population of other creatures? So you see if all sharks had to be killed, there will be a disaster in the seas around the world. Sick fish will spread more disease and other creatures will over populate areas and the balance of nature will be destroyed. So it is important that people learn to respect and protect sharks, and understand us for what we truly are.

It is sad that over 50 million sharks are being killed every year just for soup. Let me tell you that it is not nice to be caught in a net and have your fins and tail cut off and than be thrown back into the sea, alive but with a mutilated body, to sink to the bottom and die a slow painful death. Many of my relatives in other countries are dying this way every day, and our numbers are decreasing very fast.

Consider also the fact that most of us take long to reach maturity, and although some of us have many babies, only a few survive to become adults.

Also, when a shark accidentally hurts a human, it is mostly a case of mistaking the Human for our normal food source. Believe me, Homo Sapiens are not on our menu. Yes I know it is sad when these incidents happen, but than again it is not right for humans to go out and kill hundreds of sharks for revenge. Why blame all of us for mistakes done by a few.

I know for a fact that there are people who come diving in places were we are. Some of them come into our world to feed us and others to take pictures of us. There are some others that also just come to look at us. None of these people are ever HURT.

I wish that Humans could understand us better and learn more about us, that way, the world would be a much better place to live in for both Humans and Sharks.

Your Finny Friend



Andrea's Angel Shark


Have you heard about those amazing Special kids from Brewster, New York?

They are my friends and they are:


Located in Brewster, New York, is Green Chimneys, a school for very special children. Green Chimneys is world renowned for its animal-assisted therapy and for restoring hope to emotionally injured children. The staff at this school strives to develop a harmonious relationship between people, animals, plants, nature and the environment through an array of educational, recreational, vocational and mental health services.

Robin Culler is a teacher that has worked for nearly a decade in the speech and language department. She is no shark expert, in fact she told me, "I knew nothing about sharks. I had seen "Jaws" and even though I had grown up loving the beach and ocean, I was now hesitant of going in the water. It didn't stop me though, and my love of being at the beach and anything ocean-related continued."

In December 2006, Robin came across a children's book entitled "Hungry, Hungry Sharks", and decided to read it to her Students. The kids got so intrigued with this book that they started asking all sorts of questions about sharks to their teacher. Robin did not realize that she and her students were about to embark on a journey that would change their life.

"I had to start doing research to find answers to the questions the kids were asking. Unknown answers to one of this planet’s most extraordinary creatures led to hours of research. We delved into many websites and started gathering books. The more we learned, the more we wanted to do to help protect and conserve our sharks as well as educate others of their plight. The children grew deeply compassionate for their sharks, perhaps because they could relate to their struggles to survive. They were horrified at the brutality of finning and vowed to teach as many people as they could about this cruel practice."

Robin then thought that perhaps they could "adopt a shark", so they decided to have a little fundraiser for the staff at the school and sold shark magnets that the kids themselves made and other sharky and ocean related trinkets. This resulted in enough funds to adopt "Johnny", a Great White from the Fox Shark Research in Australia.

Seeing their total devotion to the issue, the school asked Robin and her students to have a shark table at a couple of their big fundraising events. They started talking sharks to many, many people and through various projects, they had been able to raise over $1,500 that has been donated to shark research and conservation organizations around the world and adopted a total of 11 sharks by the end of 2007!! By June 2008 the kids become the adoptive parents to a total of 13 sharks. More importantly, they have been able to reach out to many hundreds of people who did not know of the almost certain fate facing sharks if we do not take action now to protect them. The children have written letters to Congressmen urging them to support legislature for sharks and have even written to Mattel Toy Company in protest of a toy that encourages the harpooning of a toy shark.

Robin has named her very special group the “Shark Finatics!” and their motto is “Learning, Teaching, Saving.” There are about 18 Finatics at the present with a few alumni who have moved on. What makes Robin's achievement more of an amazing task, is the fact that it has been a 1:1 venture for the most part.

"I work with the kids individually for my speech sessions. We don't get the opportunity to all be together very much, unless it is for fundraising or for special events. We took a trip to the Aquarium, the first off-grounds trip for the speech department ever at the school! They are all extremely proud of their status as Shark Finatics and are the envy of many others at the school".

The Finatics have even compiled a book entitled “Our Shark Story” that has been printed and is available for purchase. Also, they have just finished a postcard project featuring the kids' artwork. There are 7 different designs. The postcards can be purchased to be sent to people who are doing positive things for sharks and oceans. All profits are donated to shark conservation organizations.

The Shark Finatics have since appeared on numerous websites, been featured in newsletters and magazines, been named “Shark Ambassadors”. In 2010, Oceana awarded the Finatics with the Junior Ocean Hero award.

Junior Ocean Heros

Their passion and love for sharks will not die and they have made friends and supporters from all around the world. They are thankful for everyone who has helped them along this most incredible journey.


Thank you Robin. Thank you Shark Finatics.
Sharkman's World Organization offers you our full support.


Email The Finatics


Shark's World

I will try to change this way
Sharks are mistreated every day
Some people laugh some people cry
I will try and try until I die.

- Lily
Age: 10
Date: 6-14-02

Sharks are cool
they obviously rule
Tiger, Megamouth, Swell
most people say "Oh well."
They die just about every day
so save them please O.K.

- Danielle Bechtloff (Sharkgirl) CA

The Sharks Wish

Predator of the Ocean,
Hunter of the Sea,
To not be Feared would be my Wish,
After all I'm just a Fish.

- Lloyd
Age: 13
Date: 11-26-02

There are big sharks.
There are fat sharks.
There are blue sharks.
There are Tiger sharks.
There are even Great white sharks.
But most of all I love them all.

- Danielle C.


Kuanalu's Sharks


Jacob Elarco
The tigershark {above} was done by Jacob Elarco
and the hammerhead {below}was done by Werner Nansen.
Both are 5th graders at Waimea Elementary, in Hawaii.
Werner Nansen


Luana Zablan

Luana, 8 years old, from Hawaii, sent me this drawing and wrote:

Dear Sharkman:
I want to thank you for all the information about sharks. It was very cool. We want to know more about sharks and I watch shark movie. It is scary. My sister was scared. She don't like sharks. But i due like sharks. Can you give more information next time at Patty's agin.


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